Executive Summary

The recent years have seen the rise of the blockchain, evolving into a variety of applications ranging from decentralized finance all the way to assets’ tokenization and the adoption of NFT technologies.
It is precisely with the expansion of the Web3 space to irl use cases and the growing interest demonstrated by more and more International brands, that embracing NFTs is set to become a must for professionals across the globe. The advantages of leveraging NFTs for marketing or utility purposes are getting very quickly digested and developed, but the technical knowledge required to set up the full end-to-end process of designing, generating and implementing Non-Fungible Tokens in pre-existing ecosystems is still a strong disincentive for adoption.
This is where No-Code technology becomes vital: a concept that has already achieved immense approval in web2, where about 20% of modern websites leverage no-code and DIY infrastructures, its principles will inevitably become even more fundamental in the process of taking web3 to the masses.
SiteManager has a validated cloud web design platform built on a strong no-code / low-code technology foundation. The company will issue its proprietary tech stack to enter the web3 market and establish itself within the space. By doing this, SiteManager aims to become the leading figure for creators and brands that want to launch a new NFT project from pre-mint art generation all the way to post-mint content experience.
We want to achieve that by embracing the key pillars of any successful web3 project: a sharp vision, a clean product and an engaged community of like minded people.